Website design

Having a well-designed, efficient and effective website is the key to your online business, whether providing a service or selling products. Nowadays, it is often the first point of call for prospects, so it has to be the online version of your sales department. Whether you require a simple web presence to promote your professional […]

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of getting your website higher up the natural search engine listings so that you increase the number of targeted visitors, which results in more sales and higher profits. When you search for something in Google, you are presented with a screen or page, which has ‘paid for’ Google Adwords […]

Video Marketing and Production

If you are under the impression You Tube is still a media platform full of cute cat videos, talking dogs (or any other animal for that matter), popular music videos and people doing crazy stunts, you’re wrong.  In 2014 You Tube overtook Facebook as the world’s most visited and used Social Media platform.  People are […]

Create an Online Business in just one day

PPC and Email Marketing

Pay-per-click advertising is where advertisements are displayed for goods or services at the top of a results page when users search for terms relevant to their enquiry. It may appear to be a rather simple concept, but like most things connected with computing and the internet, there is a science about it that takes time […]

Social Media Management

Social media comes in many different forms. Some are now world-famous, others very much niche and specialised. But virtually everyone with a computer, tablet or smartphone uses social media in some form. While originally, as its name suggests, it was purely social, there are not many instances nowadays where social media has not been embraced […]

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