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Farnborough Internet Marketing Social Media ManagementSocial media comes in many different forms. Some are now world-famous, others very much niche and specialised. But virtually everyone with a computer, tablet or smartphone uses social media in some form. While originally, as its name suggests, it was purely social, there are not many instances nowadays where social media has not been embraced by business in some way or another.

There are various ways that Farnborough Internet Marketing can help you.  While LinkedIn is undoubtedly the social network for business, it has to be borne in mind that it is very much a business-to-business media is if you are selling widgets, it might not be the best place for you to promote your own business. However, we can certainly advise on any potentially positive impact LinkedIn might have on your business and help you accordingly.

Ignore Facebook at your peril!

It is never as simple as placing a “Find us on facebook” sticker to the side of your company vehicle and expecting customers to flock to your business. It simply doesn’t work that way. Social networks are not that simple. However, you can generate a great deal of custom and build lasting brand loyalty with a well thought out Facebook Campaign but, you need quality engaging content.

At Farnborough Internet Marketing, we work to help you assess the best social networks suitable for your individual business needs. Each social network delivers its own unique prospect or customer experience, and we will identify the one – or ones – most suitable to deliver your business needs.

We can advise, recommend and manage the most appropriate social media platform for your business.  Whether a business page on Facebook (yes, you can then use a “Find us on Facebook” sticker!) to promote your goods, an authoritative article-linked campaign on Twitter, an information awareness-raising campaign on Instagram or a series of advice videos on YouTube (don’t forget, at Farnborough Internet Marketing, we can produce your video for you, if you haven’t one already).

As well as all the well-known social media channels, we also keep abreast of the lesser-known ones and can advise on new ones that appear on the web, especially those that we feel are very suitable or indeed perfectly matched to your business

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