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Farnborough Internet Marketing Video Marketing and Production 1If you are under the impression You Tube is still a media platform full of cute cat videos, talking dogs (or any other animal for that matter), popular music videos and people doing crazy stunts, you’re wrong.  In 2014 You Tube overtook Facebook as the world’s most visited and used Social Media platform.  People are now searching YouTube for information in the same way as they do Google.   Video has now become an important tool in the online marketing tool-box. It is engaging, informative and injects personality into your customer proposition, which is vital when you only get one attempt to make a first impression.

However, it’s not just about you sitting behind your desk summarising your business while a member of your team films you on their smartphone and then loading your video ‘somewhere’ on your website or on the web. Content is still king, and your video has to be relevantly scripted, well-produced and filmed. A short explainer video talking about the benefits of your service can produce excellent results. On your Website video testimonials from satisfied clients makes a compelling reference for potential clients

At Farnborough Internet Marketing, we know what it takes to produce an engaging and fully-representative video that will help you successfully promote your business. We assist with scripting, location, props, production and editing. And we know how and where to place it on your website or internet (there are more platforms than just You Tube), because like anything on the web, it has to be search engine-friendly so that people will actually see it. Just as with your website, your video has to be optimised so that search engines will find it.

Even if you already have an existing video for your business, we can review, edit (if required) and fully-optimise it for the web, as well as identify, where appropriate, other placement opportunities on the internet.

Farnborough Internet Marketing editorial comment;  You Tube is still a great platform for watching cute kittens, talking dogs, crazy stunts etc, so if you want to, we can help with that too.

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