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Farnborough Internet Marketing PCC and eMail MarketingPay-per-click advertising is where advertisements are displayed for goods or services at the top of a results page when users search for terms relevant to their enquiry. It may appear to be a rather simple concept, but like most things connected with computing and the internet, there is a science about it that takes time and effort if, it is to operate efficiently, effectively and profitably. Farnborough Internet Marketing can help because keeping track of the continual development of how “ad-words” work is a job in itself.

Google, Bing and Facebook (to name the three most popular) use an advertisement auction system where advertisers ‘bid’ on ‘keywords’ related to their business in order to trigger the generation of an advertisement in connection with their business. Farnborough Internet Marketing can help design your campaign terms to help increase the relevance of your advertisement to those searching and prevent you wasting these pay per clicks on non-relevant prospects.

We can create and manage campaigns for you that encompass, for example, Google remarketing and the Google My Business listings, all valuable tools for those with a need for paid-for internet advertising

Email marketing is a great way of both contacting prospects and staying in touch with existing customers. It is versatile and informative, promoting trust and loyalty amongst recipients, and is a key element in either telling prospects about your business or a more personal and direct method of updating customers on developments in your business, that might be of interest to them.

But an email marketing campaign has to be managed well, and by getting to know your business, Farnborough Internet Marketing can write and develop campaigns that will suit your precise requirements. We ensure the inclusion of information about your business that will engage the recipient, be it a welcome letter, announcement, product or service update or incentive programme announcements.

At Farnborough Internet Marketing, our email marketing campaign service also includes elements such as writing, monitoring, setting up auto response mechanisms on your behalf as well as the all-important opt-in or opt-out mechanisms required by law. By using our service, it frees up valuable time for you while you are otherwise confident that your prospects and customers are being kept fully-updated on your business.

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