How To Create A Business Online In Just One Day

Hey London Wannabe Entrepreneur

Are you tired of working 9 to 5 and not getting the recognition or pay you deserve?

Do you ever wonder how you can escape the pain of your daily commute?

We are here to show you how you can create a business online in just one Day.

I didn’t know how to create a business online in just one day until I joined a great Business School and met an amazing teacher, here’s my story.

A couple of years ago I was living and working in Germany and not only did I have to put up with a daily commute that involved catching a very crowded tram through town but, I also needed to fly to our head office in London every other week.  Those days involved getting up a 3:30 to catch a plane at 7am to get to London for meetings at 09:30 then not get back home until 23:30.  It was hard and often frustrating.  I was setting up businesses that I had no ownership of and no share of any profits.  What I wanted most was a business of my own, I was a wannabe entrepreneur but, didn’t know how to go about it and I certainly new nothing about how to create an online business, let alone in one day.

On the 2nd of April 2014, I decided enough was enough and and finally quit my job, moved back to the UK and took that leap into the unknown.  I wasn’t sure what sort of sort of business I would start, I just had the belief that I’d find something I would enjoy.

How to Create a business online in just one dayI would love to tell you how easy it was, setting up my own company and to be fair, incorporating a company was pretty straight forward.  My previous employer gave me some consultancy work based on contracting healthcare provision and I decided on making and selling sausages as my business destination of choice.  Some decisions in life don’t always work.  I quickly found out making and selling sausages was a lot more complex that I first thought and it was pretty clear, it was not going to work for me long term.  I did however, build a very basic website and manage to optimise it quite well for my local search terms.  This was more luck than judgement and it took me weeks to do.  This was my first experience of online marketing, the wannabe entrepreneur in me got excited and i decided that internet marketing would be my passion.

How to Create a business online in just one day

I don’t know about you but when I get going I really take action.  If I was to become an internet marketer I needed to get the best education available and duly enrolled with The Internet Business School and learned all I could.  I was diligent but despite having built my own website before I found the task of building a new one, that would be fit for purpose, was a real stumbling block.  Have you ever felt like there was a obstacle in your path that you just couldn’t see any way of overcoming?  Well this was mine.  My dreams of building an online business were fast fading.  I was frustrated and despaired, my “can do” attitude was taking a serious knocking.

How to Create a business online in just one Day

I remember reading somewhere a quote that went “When the pupil is ready, the teacher will appear.”  Well it turned out to be true.  I saw a course advertising that I could learn to build a website, with a product and payment gateway all in one day.  I think I paid £300 for that course but, it delivered on the promise and I met (my now good friend) Jason Gee, Co-founder of the internet-University and also now presenter of

Fast forward a couple of years and I’m now owner of my own company and also a director and co-owner of another.  I work with some amazing people and I’ve been taught my trade by the best.  The world seems full of possibility and opportunities present themselves all the time.

How To Create a business online in just one day

So what will you learn on this course

At our Live event, we show you how to find a niche product you can monetise, buy a domain and create a website, add a payment gateway, social media and much, much more.

You will learn how to do some quick research so that without spending any money ensure there is a ripe market for your product.

Then watch as we:

  • Register a domain
  • Create a professional website simply and quickly with no technical knowledge
  • Add the theme and plugins to make your site World Class
  • Add our Search Engine Optimisation (to hit that Google sweet spot)
  • Add our sales page
  • Add our product
  • Link it to take payments
  • Go Live in a single day


PLUS you will get tips you’ll only learn at the event direct from one of the country’s top entrepreneurs the tricks and trade secrets  that will help to drive free traffic and customers including:

  • Creating Facebook groups and pages
  • Finding Facebook fans
  • Understand and create a Sales Funnel
  • Utilise the power of YouTube,  it’s is fun – and easy!
  • Membership Sites – how to make money whilst you sleep!


I paid over £300 to attend a training event like this.  Today this event is selling tickets at £147+vat but with this blog we have a VIP discount code that will get you £50 off making the price an unbelievable £97+vat.  For this price you get a full whole day with Jason learning how to create an online business in just a day.  There will be an in-depth Q&A at the end of the day, we want to make sure you have all the knowledge you need to create your online business quickly and begin to take payments.  We are recording the event so that you will have access to the training 24/7, you can watch it over and over again to make sure you are clear on everything and didn’t miss a trick.

The How to Create a business online in just one day Course

This one day course will run on the 8th July 2017 and is being held at the

Holiday Inn, Coram St, Bloomsbury, London WC1N 1HT

Registration commences 08:30 for a 09:30 start

Click Here to Book your place  use the discount code vipseminar50 and get £50 offCreate a business online in just one day

If you want more information please click this link to contact me


After the How To Create a Business Online In Just One Day | London Master Class has been delivered the video will be available to purchase at £97+vat.  If you contact me here I shall send a discount code giving a £40 saving on the price.




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