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Nick Wood founded Farnborough Internet Marketing to fill a gap in the market for quality internet marketing.  Having spent nearly 20 years in Germany writing and pricing health care contracts supporting the British Forces serving overseas, Nick felt it was time for a complete career change.   He’d always had a keen interest in the psychology of influence and persuasion and had a great desire become a creator of goods and services rather than a  reporter and projector of outcome.


On Nicks return to the UK he began looking at the possibility of producing processed meat products, sausages in particular.  It was steep learning curve and despite creating websites and marketing plans to promote the venture, the manufacture became the stumbling block.  Whilst self learning the website design and creation he stumbled upon the principles of optimising the website so that it would rank highly on the pages of search engines for his chosen search phrases.  Indeed the Sausage company website soon ranked above the award winning local butcher on the 1st page of Google.  He didn’t realise this key and so often overlooked element of website creation had a name SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).


Always wanting to learn more Nick attended a seminar and enrolled with The Internet Business School (the UK’s leading internet marketing education provider) and is currently progressing through the syllabus to become an Accredited Internet Marketing Coach, so he can teach Website design and creation, SEO, Video Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Outsourcing, Pay Per Click, email and another favourite, Affiliate Marketing.  Nick has also gained accreditation with Digital Marker (the US leading digital marketing educator) as a Customer Acquisition Specialist (utilising all digital means for traffic and lead generation), a Social and Community Manager (managing all aspects of social media from listening, to influencing to leading and soft selling) and a Customer Value Optimisation Specialist (creating a conversion funnel that reduces the cost of acquiring  a customer while at the same time increasing the immediate and lifetime customer value).  This knowledge alone stands Nick and Farnborough Internet Marketing out from the crowd as the leading internet marketing specialist in the area.

Nick is now Google AdWord Search Certified, What does this mean?    Google has recognized me as an AdWords certified professional, meaning that I’ve passed multiple exams that assess my product expertise. I’m qualified to help people grow their businesses on the web using Google AdWords.


Nick believes that the scope to market online just gets bigger and bigger and especially with the advances in mobile technology, he firmly believes that VIDEO is the medium to utilise going forward.  He has already demonstrated that you don’t need a website to get a 1st page ranking on search engines, and in a world where the importance of social proof is becoming increasing sought before purchase, the use of Video and specifically a Customer Review Video showcasing other people being happy with your goods and services is imperative when marketing online.


Some examples of our work can be found by clicking this link 

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