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Farnborough Digital Hub – 4 YouTube Tips and Tricks

In this video we look at 4 YouTube tips and tricks that make you look much more professional than your competition.

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Have you’ve ever been in this position?  You have created a great piece of video content and uploaded it onto your YouTube channel and now you want to display it on one of your websites pages or blogs.   You can do this either by sharing the link or or copying the embed code.  You play your video and when its finished…Bam!.. YouTube flashes up recommended related videos for you to choose.  If you had a customer or client watching your video, the last thing you want is YouTube showing them your competitors videos at the end.  When I was looking at ways to stop this I found 4 YouTube Tips and Tricks to share with you.


TIP 1 – Find your options

Click the share button and then select embed code.  Click the Show more and you see different options with check boxes for:

  1. Show suggested videos when the video finishes
  2. Show player controls
  3. Show video title and player actions
  4. Enable privacy-enhanced mode

Make sure you have unchecked the the “Show suggested videos when the video finishes” box.  Personally I make sure all the boxes are unchecked as I want the video to stand on its own without distraction.

TIP 2 – Add Cards

In YouTube you are allowed up to 5 Cards and they can be placed anywhere along the video timeline.  Cards are excellent for getting interaction with your viewer.  You can create a poll that can be voted on, or a link to your website.  You can promote another channel or one of your other related videos or playlists.


TIP 3 – Add End Screen Notices

YouTube have caused a bit of a stir by announcing the end of Annotations and replaced them with End Screen features.  The truth is that 60% of YouTube traffic is watched on mobile devices which couldn’t display the annotations anyway so, Get used to End Screen, it’s rather good.  You Can add up to 4 elements that will be displayed on the screen and you can promote one of your other videos or playlists.  Very importantly you can promote subscriptions to your channel.  As with the Cards feature you can also promote other channels and your approved website.

TIP 4 – Use Custom Thumbnails

When you’re posting a video to YouTube, you want it to be found easily and viewed.  YouTube are giving a lot of importance to views these days and particularly if your channel has more than 10,000 views you can monetise your videos (more on that in another blog).  Make your Thumbnail user friendly and put a compelling title (probably your Keywords) on the front.  Here’s and example.


Note that the optimum custom thumbnail size is 1280 by 720 pixels!

4 YouTube tips and tricks from Farnborough Digital Hub




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